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CrazyTim's Crazy Life

The Diary Of The Black Rose

11 July
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My name is Timothy or Tim (my friends call me) I'm a 24 year old computer science major. I work at a game retailing store (laughs) anyway. I have good head on my shoulders and I can fix anything broke or unbroke. I play DDR with my DDR family. Shout out to my boys, Chad, Baron, Jarod, Jamal, Derick, Johnny, Albert and crazy ass Ton and my passive friend Iby and Hai (sighs) To my homegirl Amber its going be ok boo. I like to have fun and enjoy life.....well sometimes life can kick you in the ass and fuck you over royally. I joined the military in 2000 and got fucked in the ass by uncle sam but I learned my lesson and became a man. Its time to grow up people and take some responsibly!!!! LOL damn I'm too crazy.......All my DDR Boomtown people I love yall and God bless yall. Peace

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Date Created:1-1-2002
Number of Posts: 57

My name is Timothy. Most of know me by Tim. I'm a dark person when it comes to my feelings. I'm VERY outspoken and I'm not afraid to say whats on my mind. I will help out anybody that needs it. I don't tolerate stupid people and I HATE ignorance. I'm headstrong when a problem needs to be solved I can analyze a situation and make it fuuny. I like to make people laugh and cry. I'm very emotional when my friends are in need of help. I tend to give up on things that I don't have a solution on. I'm a good person but what lies beneath this human is a black rose waiting to blossom
Strengths: Strong, cunning, thoughtful and protective of others.
Weaknesses: Bitter, angry, discontent
Special Skills: I'm not telling!
Weapons: Sword of The Black Rose, rose whip, evil look and sharp tounge.
The Black Rose: Such beauty is so divine that a rose shines brightly in the darkest hour. Beware of his thorns, for one who touches this rose is bound to be taken into the darkness

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